About Us


Lebanon Friesian Society

Lebanon Friesian Society (LFS) is a community of riders who care about the welfare of horses and mainly promote the Friesian and PRE riding experience. The loving memory of Jasper 366, known as the king of stallions, in addition to the worldwide reputation of Frederick the Great, sparked a genuine interest in founding Lebanon Friesian Society.

Although Friesians are still very few in Lebanon and the neighbouring countries, LFS aims at increasing the number of Friesians and maintaining strong connections with International/Dutch breeders and trainers. LFS invites young Lebanese and Middle-Eastern riders to ride, show-drive and also own KFPS approved Friesians. LFS is currently building a professional network of Friesian Enthusiasts who can share and transmit their passion without any limits or restrictions.

Our Values

At LFS, we firmly believe in horsemanship, we promote the virtues of knighthood, friendship and chivalry. Equestrians and horse lovers around the world speak a similar language, they do hold a sincere devotion to their horse-centered life styles. They work hard to strengthen their bonds with their horses, and by doing so, they reach out to other riders and share that horse passion with them. They delve into a deeper knowledge and a better experience by looking into other breeds, other riding styles and other best practices.

Friesians are simply a symbol of that versatility. In the Netherlands, the love for Friesians crosses all the borders and reaches a worldwide reputation. The Netherlands professional breeders, proud Friesian riders, and the wholehearted dedication to front-run dressage, show riding and show driving are the LFS core values. We learn, practice and improve our riding standards through reflecting, sharing and taking up the right advice.

Mission Statement

Inspire from the beauty of the Arabian Horse to aspire a new generation of Friesian Riders in Lebanon and the surrounding countries. Show the Friesians in their most elegant and royal look, their tack and their exclusive accessories which we will also provide at the lowest cost. While being so proud of our Arabian Horse values and characteristics, we track the oldest bloodlines from Arabia, to Morroco and Spain all the way through the Netherlands where the Friesian Stars were born.