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Lebanon Friesian Society (LFS)

Lebanon Friesian Society (LFS) is a community of riders who care about the welfare of horses and mainly promote the Friesian and PRE riding experience. The loving memory of Jasper 366, known as the king of stallions, in addition to the worldwide reputation of Frederick the Great, sparked a genuine interest in founding Lebanon Friesian Society. Although Friesians are still very few in Lebanon and the neighbouring countries, LFS aims at increasing the number of Friesians and maintaining strong connections with International/Dutch breeders and trainers.

LFS invites young Lebanese and Middle-Eastern riders to ride, show-drive and also own KFPS approved Friesians. LFS is currently building a professional network of Friesian Enthusiasts who can share and transmit their passion without any limits or restrictions.

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Introduction by
William Barrios

What has the look of a draft horse but the grace and agility of a light equine? The Friesian horse! These beautiful steeds from the Netherlands were once the warhorses of medieval Europe, carrying armored knights into battle. Today, they’re most commonly used for drawing carriages and horseback riding.

Friesians are skilled in dressage, the well-known exhibition riding that tests obedience, flexibility, and balance. The Friesian is one of Europe’s oldest breeds, Friesians boast a rich history. From training to personality and everything in between, we’ve got you covered on what you need to know about this Dutch equine.

Acknowledgement is due to William Barrios and his great publication, The Complete Guide to the Friesian Horse, One useful reference among Barrios’s other guides to other horse breeds.

"Breeding, Training, Sales and Showing World Class Registered Friesian Horses"

Friesian Horse Personality

The Friesian horses are very trainable, their strength makes them best left in the hands of riders who already have some experience with horses. Friesians are also known to be intelligent, gentle, loyal, and calm. They are never aggressive.

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